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clan update.

howdy, another clan update. yipee! so once again no posts in a while…. we now have a couple more members so check out our members page and welcome them in! more good news bubz is still grounded but can still get on fairly activly. (if thats a word) mc3 is coming out soon which is good however im on 2g so we’ll see how that pans out. Check out Also killa sold his ipod and his new ipod won’t come in for another week in a half or so.. ALRIGHT Β THATS ALL I GOT πŸ™‚

P.S we got a new logo thx to TFF_Voltage πŸ™‚


bubz temporarily gone :(

hey everybody wassssup. its hypaa πŸ™‚ unfortunatly our co-leader (bubz) got grounded for 2 months :/ his parents took his ipod aswell 😦 so I just wanted to give you guys a headsup. I will see about having a temporary co-leader. Also we got the rss bot in our group so it will alert the group when this post comes out Β xD. last thing guys please make a wordpress acc if you are in CLE. thats all I got peace! remeber guys.



for our new members ;3

haii guys ;3 guess who….?
did you guess it yet?
well yeah YOUR WRONG! its me cle_droidz saying that our clan has gotten more members such as shadow and charged [which is just two…] but anyways, i would like to thank you two for joining our clan. since you all are great members. such as myself…just kidding .-.
but please make yourself at home with our members and chat freely.(;
for those who dont know me yet… im the asian in the cle_ clan… and noo. im not the best in mc2… pshh. thats for black ops on the wii, but otherwise, my real name is warren, and i spend my time on pal. waiting for nikkiξ„…
asian boy tell ’em -.-‘

hey guys!

so hey guys cle_driodz here and this is the re-birth of cle…. so i dont have much to say since im eating diner while typing on my crappy ipod, BUT! your welcome to join our group In pal [cle clan] and your welcome to join the cle clan as long as i know you well or your cool. thanks hypa for making me co leader, and also special thanks to nikkiξ€’ ξ„… although she wont read this….. ._.’
erm, we only have 5 members in cle so were trying to get back on track……asian droidz/fearz/bubz is out >_<

gone and back?

Hello guys whats up………….. hypa here and in the past week or so alot of shit happened. CLE ended temporarily because all of the members left leaving me alone. Β Now its rebuild time. At the moment we have 3 members. (me,fearz and prick) we will only take legit and active players.. I am going to try to use the site more now aswell. AIGHT thats all i got today. pce πŸ˜€

clan update!

why hello there, what is on the go? man I need better intros 😦 anyway guys this weekend has been very succesfull for CLE. We have some new members as well as some clan battle news. First for the members: we recruited Windfish, cool german guy :), we also recruited CLE_5LICK slick a really SLICK guy (HARDYHARHAR), lolcats another cool guy we recruited and last but not least fearzz. my asian :D. now for the clanwars… we played SB losing avalanche by ONE FUCKING KILL -.- but im proud of you guys and then to make it even worse we lost on temple by 3 kills 😦 I only have the avalanche ss atm but I will edit the other one in.

20110925-205505.jpg alright thats all I got today pce. πŸ™‚

sorry guys.

yo guys your leader here.. I havent made a post in a REALLY long time and I truly am sorry about that 😦 as some of you may know pink is taking a one month break… I do not know if he will be CLE when he returns or not 😦 I was also supposed to take a break but I just couldnt let CLE die… So enaugh with sad shit, we recently upgraded to preminum πŸ˜€ we are increasing members in our group rapidly πŸ™‚ guys you HAVE to keep our chat active… this will give us respect and also people leave the group if its inactive. So wrapping up everybody please comment on this post and ill be making posts more frequently. So bookmark the site and all that good shit πŸ˜€ pce


okkk so our lineups for the CW are the following

Avalanche: Me,Pink and juiced.
subs (weed,reptar and JoJo)

Temple: Blu3blood,Pink,JoJo
no subs we are short assault xD

Facilty: Blueblood,me and jojo.

I am sorry there is not very much variety in the lineups however not many people responded on my last post or contacted me. You HAVE to contact me to be in the lineup πŸ™‚ ok so please be on 30 minutes before hand (7:30 est) . CYA πŸ™‚


HEYO!!!! sup guys hypa here comin at you with the 3rd post in 3days xD. So before I talk about the CW I want to get something straight. When you are in CLE chat please dont spam or say anything bad to people. That happened today and we lost simon 😦 but guys we just need to move on and be mature :). Now for the good stuff. We are going to have our first clanwar on Wednesday against CS. The time will be 8pm EST. Please figure out what time that is where you live. There is going to be 3 rounds (best 2/3) and the 2 maps are avalanche and temple and if its tied we will play facility. It is going to be 3v3. If you would like to be in the CW you HAVE to either comment on this post or pm me on palringo as soon as possible. I will announce lineups tommorow night. P.S my last post got 0 comments. Guys remember to comment on the posts. Alright pce out.

Sup guys Pink here… really looking forward to the revival of CLE. CLEwas my first clan and im hoping to be in the first cw againt XQ.. thanks -Pink